Corpus Christi's Trusted Source for Local Microgreens Since 2021!


Hello and welcome to the McNabb Microfarm LLC! We are a plant-based family of three, who are passionate about our health and helping others. We want you to find the same joy in food that we have, by bringing you fresh, delicious, and nutritious fruits, vegetables, and microgreens! We also sell starter plants for your home garden and indoor and outdoor ornamentals!

Please follow us on our journey from seeds to your dinner table! We can be found at the Grow Local Farmers Market, Corpus Christi Southside Farmers' Market, Boarri Craft Butchery, Joint Venture Health & Wellness, various local restaurants and food trucks, and even to your own home with our subscription service!

Grown to Order

In an effort to reduce food waste, all our microgreens are grown to order.  Any leftovers are eaten, donated, or dehydrated to make our Super Seasoning powders! 


What you put into your body (and your soil!) matters. We don't use anything on our plants that contain pesticides, and we only use top-quality soil and organic fertilizers.


All our microgreen soil is composted to use again in our garden. Nothing here goes to waste!

No-Till Farming

Tilling can disturb the soil's natural microbiome, so we use a combination of no-till gardening and raised beds.

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