Grow Kits

Follow these directions for your DIY MicroGROW Kits!

DIY MicroGROW Kit Instructions

Your DIY Microgreen Kit Includes:

1 Tray- With holes

1 Tray- No holes

3 sets of seeds each with 4 small pucks of Coco Coir OR 1 large puck of CoCo Coir

Additional materials needed:

Measuring cup (1/4 cup)

Filtered or distilled water

Gloves (optional)

Fork (optional)

1.Wash your trays with warm soapy water before you start every grow.

2.Stack trays together with solid tray (no holes) on bottom.

3. Your Grow Kit came with either 4 small coco coir pucks or 1 large one per seed packet. Place the 4 coco coir pucks or 1 large one into tray and add 3/4 cup of water

4. Once water is absorbed, break up any clumps then pat down soil until it is even and flat (a fork helps with this step.)

5. Remove top tray from bottom tray and drain excess water if needed

6. In top tray, with soil smoothed down, open one pack of seeds and sprinkle them on top of the soil as evenly as possible, avoiding the edges of the soil. 

7. After all seeds are in place, place bottom (solid) tray (right side up) on top of the seeded tray. 

8. Set tray in a safe place on your countertop- it does not need light yet, or any more water. 

13. After 3-4 days, microgreens should be sprouted and peeking through the soil. Now you can remove the top tray and place the other tray inside of it. IT IS NORMAL TO SEE FUZZY ROOTS! These are root hairs, not mold. 

14. After 4-7 days, greens should be ready to harvest with a sharp knife or kitchen shears. Harvest microgreens when they are ready, even if you won't eat them right away. The taste changes daily so you want to harvest them at the peak of flavor and nutrition! Store in an airtight container towards the front of your fridge. Greens will stay fresh for about a week. 

OR you can put the whole tray in the fridge! Then just harvest as needed. Continue to water a little every day. 

Start checking for taste when they are about this size for Radish, Salad Mix, and Broccoli. Peas should be 4-5" tall. 

Ideal harvest date:

Peas: 8-10 days

Radish: 8-9 days

Salad Mix: 8-10 days

Broccoli: 8-10 days

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